Travelling by train or using car rental services?

According to most travelers, one of the most engaging ways to travel is by land, without haste, admiring the magnificent landscapes through the window of a train or car, while the miles flow inexorably taking you away. Land travel can be a journey of awareness, outside of any pre-established scheme. Accustomed to being catapulted from place to place on low-cost planes for endless hours of flight, after endless waits inside crowded airports, you no longer realize how pleasant it can be to let yourself be lulled by the slow pace of a train or stop with the car to photograph a spectacular sunrise or sunset. Travelling on the road becomes a true philosophy, an inner journey of discovery and personal growth thanks to unexpected and unforgettable encounters. Years ago I covered the Milan-Amalfi route aboard a Calessino Bee and it was one of the most unique experiences I had while travelling.

The beauty of a train journey

When you decide to leave by train, you sit back and enjoy the surrounding landscape in peace and quiet, entering a dimension of unique charm. This type of means of transport also allows you to get to know the culture of the place and its population better, gradually accompanying you to your destination, away from the hectic pace of the airports and the city traffic to give you a unique life experience.

In addition, unlike airplanes that often land outside the main cities, train stations are located in the center and to reach the places to visit often do not need other additional means and expensive, just walking in the open air walking through the narrow streets.

Practicality and speed are other two characteristics of this type of travel that allows you to travel without baggage limits, taking advantage of discounted rates.

However, the train has a huge disadvantage, the need for rails, and is therefore linked to a defined route with pre-established stages and especially with times that often, during the high season, can suffer severe delays or even be canceled.

These aspects, for a traveler who loves the sense of freedom, can be a major disadvantage that could compromise the holiday spirit and light of the entire trip! Travelling with your own car guarantees priceless freedom and unparalleled compared to other means of transport and can be, for many, the ideal solution.

The advantages of moving around by car

Travelling by car is very different from travelling by train through a country: travelling by car requires more concentration and a few more things, but it has several positive sides.

Having your own means of transport allows you to stop along the way with more freedom to discover unknown places, perhaps not marked or promoted by traditional tourist guides. It is a journey of exploration without time constraints for a 360° adventure to be photographed.

In recent years one of the most popular alternatives is that of car rental, a practical and convenient way to travel in total relaxation and without worries. If you have never tried to rent a car online, you can rely on specialized portals – such as – that often compare the many car rental companies around the world offering customer support that can be very useful, especially if you travel with small children.

Usually the whole process of booking the car is done conveniently online and sometimes you can cancel, totally free of charge, within 48 hours from the time of purchase.

Those who choose to rent a car have the opportunity to choose from many offers: some packages are all inclusive while others offer unlimited insurance and mileage, as well as roadside assistance for a holiday without nasty surprises, as explained on autoeurope.

And what kind of travellers are you? Do you prefer the comfort and slowness of the train to enjoy the landscape or do you love to travel more freely, Kerouac style, following your instinct in search of places unexplored or little known by mass tourism? The travel experience remains something very personal, it is certain that often we tend to behave more like tourists than travelers losing the true sense of this unique experience.

A different summer, totally on the road, driving your rental car, with your family, as a couple or with friends, could prove to be an alternative holiday with unexpected implications.

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