In Kenya between sea and safari

Well, if it’s true that an unforgettable travel experience starts with a long trip, then the preconditions for our holiday are fantastic! For a seventeen days holiday in 5 people we chose to find a solution of flights that would allow us to travel non-stop at night and not land at 2 am in Mombasa, so here is that the choice fell on EgyptAir from Milan to Cairo, we were few Europeans among a population of Egyptians returning home, certainly could not miss the video of the plane Imam prayer in Arabic before the flight … at that time we felt safe!

After an hour and a half of very fast stop in Cairo, departure for Nairobi (we discover that there is a technical stopover of 25 minutes in Entebbe capital of Uganda, country of civil wars …) pity that that stop was then revealed of 90 minutes, only positive side to start again with Lake Victoria on the side of the runway, a majestic view.

Landed in Nairobi, with the accumulated delay we had only 20 minutes before the connection to Malindi and then we chose not to risk and not to pick up the suitcases (as good provident travelers we had 5 backpacks each with a change of clothing for clothes.

Fortunately the discomfort lasted until evening with the arrival of the second flight from Nairobi on which there were all our suitcases. From that moment on, the slippers appear: the holiday officially begins!

First action to be taken after fitting the slippers, plunge into the largest pools of Malindi, 1200 square meters of salt water and warm, a pack.

But the surprises are certainly not over, the time to negotiate the daily fee with the cook (in Kenya it’s always everything, it’s in their DNA) and with 11 euros a day we have a person who does the shopping, cooking for 9 people, wasting and washing dishes.

The first African day ends with an evening bath and then we all realize that already 24 hours after our departure we seem to be on vacation for a few days, the feeling of relaxation that we feel … great sign!


The morning of the first full day, we went to meet Brunella, the owner of the agency with which we organized the Safari from Italy, with the opportunity of the Jeep that came to get us we changed euros in KSH and we started to discover some South African wines (recommended the VERSUS white crispy and spiced).

Back at the Villa, for the first time, the boys met local children, a dozen little shepherds with big eyes and serene smiles, to whom we gave them peluches brought from Italy, which shows their joy!

How beautiful it would be if our children could appreciate the joy of small things without taking everything for granted.

In the afternoon we approach for the first time the marine park of Malindi a few steps from our Villa where at low tide all the locals go on holiday and where we see children and girls dressed in burka playful bathing in low tide.

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