10 Things to see absolutely in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is defined by locals as the green city and the world capital of safari. Among the things to see in Nairobi there are mainly national parks and parks dedicated to animals, but after all, those who decide to visit Kenya is looking for its wildlife. Obviously we have also left a little space to the culture to satisfy the tastes of all, between mosques, museums and an important cultural center that will delight you with songs and dances typical.

1 – Nairobi National Park

A safari in Nairobi National Park is the first thing to do as soon as you arrive in the city, a must for every visitor. A protected natural area of 117 square kilometres in which none of the great animals of the savannah are missing. Zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, elephants, lions, leopards, gazelles and much more to discover!

2 – Giraffe Centre

If you like animals, you can’t miss the centre dedicated to giraffes, where you can observe these great animals from close up while the staff takes care of them. The centre also aims to educate visitors about wildlife conservation, so why not visit?

3 – Nairobi Safari Walk

The Nairobi Safari Walk is the alternative to the classic 4×4 safari. A walking safari will take you around the rich vegetation and the most diverse animal species. You’ll meet the great herbivores and predators, as well as the natural hippopotamus pool.

4 – Uhuru Park

Yet another park in Nairobi, but this time it is not a park where you can go on a safari, but a park in the city center where you can relax. Here you will not see wild animals and lush vegetation, you will find only green meadows, lakes and paths on which it is pleasant to walk and spend a few hours of peace.

5 – Ngong Hills

We always stay on the subject of nature, but we move from national parks and citizens to a beautiful green hill. Ngong Hills is located in a nature reserve outside the city, precisely west of Nairobi, and offers from its top a beautiful view of the city and the National Park!

6 – Snake Park

For lovers of animals and especially reptiles, here is a park quite bizarre and certainly different from the previous ones. Snake Park is the snake park where you can admire the different species, and you will be enchanted by their peculiarities and their colors.

7 – Karura Forest

A modest forest close to the city. The Karura Forest is the ideal place for a half-day hike among large trees and waterfalls for lovers of relaxation in the midst of nature.

8 – Karen Blixen Museum

From nature to culture, with a museum dedicated to the Danish writer Karen Blixen, who moved to Kenya in the early 1900s. She fell in love with Africa that when she had to leave her to return to Denmark, she began to dedicate a diary to her, and Africa then dedicated this beautiful museum to her in her own home!

9 – Jamia Mosque

Now let’s move on to religion with this beautiful and majestic Mosque in the center of Nairobi. A succession of white domes and golden arches will leave you amazed in front of such greatness.

10 – Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya is a cultural centre just outside Nairobi. If you are passionate about the traditions and cultures of other peoples, a visit here is a must. The center will show you the life, makeup, clothing, songs and dances of the Masai people and you will be enchanted.

Plan your trip: Flights, hotels and tours

Tourism in Kenya has developed over the years thanks to its beautiful beaches, but as we have seen Nairobi offers something else so it is the favorite destination for lovers of nature, animals and African culture. Reaching it is not difficult thanks to its international airport and the frequent buses and taxis that connect it to the city. Also to move inside of Nairobi is very simple, there is in fact the embarrassment of the choice between taxi, tuk-tuk and matatu, typical local bus. It is not safe to move on foot, especially in the evening and at night.

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