Whitewater rafting in Kenya

The spectacular scenery and wildlife of Kenya, combined with the excitement of white-water rafting, makes for a totally unique safari. Whether it may be a short one-day trip from Nairobi or a multi day safari through Samburu, rafting on one of Kenya’s rivers will provide you with a diversity of experiences unmatched in other parts of the world. Alternatively, specialists can customize a river experience to fit your request, from a serene and scenic “float” along a picturesque waterway to an adrenaline surging ride down a wild, raging white-water river.

Four rivers are available with international classification of difficulty ranging from calm up to Grade 5. For short one day or overnight trips, the Tana and Mathioya rivers are used. For longer rafting trips of three days or more, the Athi and Ewaso -Ny’iro rivers are offered. The level of luxury can be tailored to suit your needs, varying from a completely self-contained expedition with all gear and food being carried in the boats, to trips where all equipment, food, etc is carried in the Land rovers and the camp is pre-erected for your arrival. Hot showers, good beds and drinks are waiting at the end of each day. The Athi and Ewaso-Ny’iro rivers flow through remote areas where wildlife abounds-crocodile are always seen, hippo, gazelle, giraffe, buffalo, etc are regularly seen, and occasionally lion, elephant and leopard. As the banks of the river are usually wooded, birdlife is abundant, varied and spectacular.
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Whitewater rafting in Uganda

In Uganda, white-water rafting is centred around Jinja on the shores of Lake Victoria. A bustling agricultural and industrial town, Jinja is Uganda’s second city and a major marketing centre for the country’s southern region. The town offers a variety of recreational facilities for tourists and residents alike but is also renowned as the “Source of the Nile”, the world’s longest river. It is from here that the Nile begins its majestic journey to the Mediterranean, 6700kms away. But don’t worry, we will not be rafting that far…only the first 20kms or so. Jinja is approximately one hour’s drive from Kampala and is easily reached by local matatu taxis that provide regular services throughout the day. There is a variety of accommodation available in and around the town, ranging from basic camping (US$2-$3) to mid-priced hostels (US$20-$30).

There are three main operators providing white-water rafting trips on the Nile. These are ADRIFT, EQUATOR RAFTS and NILE RIVER EXPLORERS. They all offer daily departures subject to minimum numbers. The distance rafted on a full day trip is approximately 20-25 kilometres and all provide lunch, drinks and end of trip BBQ. The cost for a day's rafting varies between US$65-95 depending on which company is used.
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